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slabasan released v2023.1.0.

Version 2023.1.0 is a major release.

Notable Changes

  • caliperreader: Adds support for optional additional string attributes
  • caliperreader: option to use native or aliased metric names
  • Changes np.float to np.float64 to account for removal of np.float in newer versions of NumPy
  • caliperreader: fix duplicate dataframe rows
  • Enables support for multi-indexed DataFrames in the Query Language
  • Refactors Query Language for Thicket
  • Add Tuple Support and a Switch to Filter Function

Internal Updates

  • Changes the textx dependency to use version < 3 with Python < 3.6 and version >= 3 with Python >= 3.6
  • Adds Cython to the build-system requires list in pyproject.toml
  • Refactors setuptools to fix Cython issues and be consistent with Thicket
  • Adds a line to to get the hatchet.query package
  • Adds GitHub Action to build and (optionally) upload wheels and sdist (#87)</small>View Comment