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jameshcorbett open issue flux-framework/flux-sched#1255.

Condensing JGF

JGF is verbose, and Rabbit-y JGF on elcap systems can become very large. We discussed offline several ways to shrink JGF, both while maintaining the same format and compatibility with the standard (which?) and breaking the standard to achieve greater reductions in size. …View Comment

tangqi closed issue mfem/mfem#4422.

cubit mesh error

Hi, I had a mesh generated by the attached cubit geo, but mfem does not like it. Any ideas? I am new to cubit. Thanks. …View Comment

garlick open issue flux-framework/flux-sched#1254.

make qmanager internal info available via flux module stats

Placeholder for @trws - following up on a face to face discussion about enhancing flux module stats sched-fluxion-qmanager to give insight into what’s going on, for example to use in tuning queue depth….View Comment

kkier open issue flux-framework/flux-core#6141.

Suggestion: allow specifying multiple queues in flux jobs

For some of my admin workflows, it would be handy to be able to filter flux jobs for multiple queues, e.g. to see a user’s job history in two queues I’d like to use something like: …View Comment

cyrush open issue LLNL/conduit#1308.

use new top level mesh bp generate in conduit_generate_data util

leverage: conduit::blueprint::mesh::examples::generate in : src/executables/generate_data/conduit_generate_data.cpp…View Comment

madreher open issue LLNL/conduit#1306.

Compilation failure on Ubuntu 22.04 with OpenMPI on recent commit

The compilation of the development branch seems to fail on Ubuntu 22.04 with OpenMPI with the following error: …View Comment

ptsuji closed issue hypre-space/hypre#1105.

Recommended CUDA/clang on LC machines

What’s the recommended clang/CUDA compiler set on rzansel? When enabling CUDA and trying to build with clang/ibm-14.0.5 and cuda/11.8.0 (/usr/tce/packages/cuda/cuda-11.8.0/bin/nvcc -forward-unknown-to-host-compiler -ccbin=/usr/tce/packages/clang/clang-ibm-14.0.5/bin/clang++) I get the following errors: …View Comment

CamStan open issue LLNL/scr#592.

Create docs for python interface

Anything important to the users can go in …View Comment

wihobbs open issue LLNL/maestrowf#444.

feature request: "prettier" error message for missing keys or empty YAML file

Hi folx! I was working with some new-to-HPC users in a tutorial this morning, and one of them observed that when a blank YAML or YAML missing values was passed to maestro run, you get an entire Python traceback: …View Comment

tepperly open issue LLNL/hiop#686.

Add advanced checkpont/restart capabilities to Hiop

Many HPC applications need to implement a checkpoint/restart capability to address either: …View Comment

cyrush open issue LLNL/blt#690.

incrementally add sources + headers to lib using blt

request from visit team: …View Comment