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ajithperera open issue visit-dav/visit#19353.

fail to built visit: nclude <QtX11Extras/QX11Info> no such file.

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balos1 closed issue LLNL/sundials#249.

Values may overflow in SUNHashMap on Windows

See warnings in …View Comment

rhathaway2 open issue LLNL/shroud#343.

Error generating python bindings for C++ bool variable

I am getting a Python NameError when trying to generate python bindings for a boolean variable in a C++ class. I have created a simple reproducer shown below: …View Comment

jtristano open issue GLVis/glvis#275.

New release of glvis?

Last release of glvis was a while back. Wondering if a new release for all platforms can be done?…View Comment

nicolasaunai closed issue LLNL/SAMRAI#190.

exact role of "tag_buffer" in the TimeRefinementIntegrator

Documentation says …View Comment

hariharan-devarajan open issue LLNL/scr#588.

Using SCR bootstrap in an external build.

In my use case, I have the following project structure. …View Comment