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griffin28 closed issue visit-dav/visit#18733.

Update build_visit to support NVIDIA Grace CPU and Arm Architecture

NVIDIA has released an Arm-based CPU (NVIDIA Grace) that we would like to run various applications on to include VisIt. …View Comment

vsoch closed issue flux-framework/flux-core#5225.

[user-interface] flux broker vs. flux start and config file

Hiya! I wanted to bring up a point of discussion - why the flux broker vs flux start have slightly different interfaces for specifying the config file: …View Comment

WillTrojak open issue Alpine-DAV/ascent#1151.

Colorbar possition in pseudocolor

In ascent, I couldn’t find an option for changing the position/size of the colorbar in pseudocolor-type scenes, is this possible or would this be something that could be added?…View Comment

cnpetra closed issue LLNL/hiop#630.

More changes are required in `hiopCompoundVector`

1. Add comments and function descriptions in hiopCompoundVectorView Comment

jameshcorbett closed issue flux-framework/flux-sched#1026.

ci: add false positive list for typos

just like …View Comment

humhang open issue LLNL/SAMRAI#225.

SAMRAIConfig.cmake should call find_dependency() for all third-party packages that SAMRAI uses</p>My code uses SAMRAI which is compiled with umpire and RAJA, although my code itself does not use Umpire or RAJA. ...View Comment

rydtran open issue LLNL/merlin-spellbook#43.

[BUG] make-samples with rounding triggers error in Merlin

## 🐛 Bug Report …View Comment

dejangrubisic closed issue LLNL/hatchet#82.

Hatchet to DGL graph

It may be convenient for users to have a function to translate a graph frame to a DGL graph which is standard for GNNs. …View Comment