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brechtm open issue spack/spack#35339.

(macOS M1) Bootstrapping gnupg fails

### Steps to reproduce…View Comment

jameshcorbett open issue flux-framework/flux-sched#1001.

Job submission slows down on Hetchy

``` …View Comment

mergify[bot] closed issue flux-framework/flux-core#4592.

job-list: refactor, split out jobspec / R parsing into individual testable library

per comments in #4555. Note that this could be in libutil b/c this is generally useful. Very likely could be used in other places, like job-manager, job-exec, maybe job-ingest? Maybe sched-simple? Likely in future places….View Comment

markcmiller86 open issue visit-dav/visit#18465.

Add $file(filename) text annotation macro

### Is your feature request related to a problem? …View Comment

ARSanderson open issue hypre-space/hypre#830.

Configure needs to be updated for SYCL and HIP

I am building Hypre with SCYL and needed to modify the compile flags for when ipcx is used. After looking at the config.status file I found that the CUCC and CUFLAGS are used even though configure help says they are for CUDA …View Comment

mergify[bot] closed issue flux-framework/flux-sched#965.

Implement `hostlist` operator for RFC 31 constraints

A hostlist operator for RFC 31 job constraints is required to force inclusion or exclusion of nodes by hostname. E.g.: …View Comment

nselliott closed issue LLNL/axom#97.

Group::save then load round trip should give equivalent result

We currently guarantee equivalency when using the sidre_hdf5 protocol to save a Group then load it into another group. …View Comment

seanmajorpayne closed issue GLVis/glvis#252.

make install is broken on 4.2? "not a member of mfem::Geometry"

Ubuntu 20.04 …View Comment

jeanlucf22 open issue LLNL/SAMRAI#216.

outdated spack install

I was looking into using spack to install SAMRAI and noticed that support for SAMRAI within spack was quite old (goes up to SAMRAI3.12.0 only). Is it something the SAMRAI team is planning on supporting and updating?…View Comment

bertwesarg open issue LLNL/Caliper#469.

Duplicate author in CITATION.cff…View Comment

adayton1 open issue LLNL/CHAI#221.

Fix dynamic_pointer_cast for managed_ptr

The CPU pointer is cast using dynamic_cast, but the GPU pointer is cast using a static_cast. The latter needs to be changed to a dynamic_cast….View Comment

nicolasaunai closed issue LLNL/SAMRAI#206.

MPI_ERR_TAG: invalid tag error

Hi, …View Comment

cyrush open issue LLNL/blt#617.

BLT_CXX_STD checks should work like standard cmake if

I have a case where I don’t want to pass an empty string to disable BLT_CXX_STD (b/c it’s hard to verify empty string) …View Comment

Destranix open issue LLNL/blt#616.

Missing include

blt_cuda_version_smoke.cpp need s a include of , as it uses std::to_string. The file doesn't compile without include on my platform, but does with....</small>View Comment

cscully-allison open issue LLNL/hatchet#75.

nice() histogram axes in tree visualization

Apply .nice() to histogram axes in tree visualization to mitigate overlap and other visual unpleasantness. …View Comment

koysean open issue hpc/Spindle#51.

Spack package is out-of-date (v0.13)

The Spack package needs to be updated to v0.13 - adding spindle@0.13 to a Spack environment and running spack install gives the warning: …View Comment