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JustinPrivitera pushed to visit-dav/visit

Merge branch ‘3.4RC’ into task/JustinPrivitera/02_13_24/mili_material_edge_lines_2

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haampie pushed to spack/spack

py-pythran: @:0.12.1 is incompatible with python@3.11: (#42994)

Ref: https://github.com/serge-sans-paille/pythran/issues/2101 and https://github.com/scipy/scipy/issues/18390.</small>

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becker33 pushed to spack/spack

fix bunch args for find test

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mergify[bot] pushed to flux-framework/flux-core

Merge pull request #5761 from garlick/typos

fix various typos</small>

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JustinPrivitera pushed to LLNL/conduit

Merge branch ‘develop’ into task/JustinPrivitera/02_02_24/silo_io_specsets_2

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white238 pushed to LLNL/blt

always print project blt support

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daboehme pushed to LLNL/Caliper

Implement annotation levels (#540)

  • Implement annotation levels

  • Add branch filter

  • Update documentation</small>

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sethwatts pushed to mfem/mfem

Fix formatting

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mergify[bot] pushed to flux-framework/flux-sched

Merge pull request #1148 from jameshcorbett/NEWS-v0.33.0

NEWS.md: add release notes for v0.33.0</small>

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bmhan12 pushed to LLNL/axom

Change executable name to quest_candidates_examples_ex

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correaa pushed to LLNL/b-mpi3

Merge branch ‘cpp17compat’ into ‘master’


See merge request correaa/boost-mpi3!194</small>

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liruipeng pushed to hypre-space/hypre

Vscode (#1078)

Remove .vscode from the autotest checkings.</small>

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gardner48 pushed to LLNL/sundials

logging and debugging output

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drreynolds pushed to LLNL/sundials

Fixed errors in MRI-GARK-ERK22 a/b coefficient tables; added simpler slowerror testing function

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oseikuffuor1 pushed to hypre-space/hypre

Minor cleanup and revert one change. (#1076)

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publixsubfan pushed to LLNL/axom

Array: add for-all tests for unified, pinned memory

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Jay-A pushed to GEOS-DEV/LvArray

fixed incorrect if statement in quartz-base.cmake

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cyrush pushed to Alpine-DAV/ascent

this guy?

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tzanio pushed to GLVis/glvis

Merge pull request #273 from GLVis/bump-actions-versions

Update actions versions in GH workflows</small>

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nicolemarsaglia pushed to Alpine-DAV/ascent

Merge branch ‘task/2024_02_add_cinema_output_path’ into task/2024_02_add_power_df

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bgunnar5 pushed to LLNL/merlin

feature/retry_priority (#468)

  • remove a merge conflict statement that was missed

  • add a ‘pip freeze’ call in github workflow to view reqs versions

  • add new retry priority as highest task priority

  • update CHANGELOG

  • add in MID priority

  • change default priority to use priority map MID value</small>

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BradWhitlock pushed to LLNL/conduit

Merge pull request #1260 from LLNL/bugfix/whitlock/partition_polyhedral_mesh_face_ordering

Improve PH element extraction in partitioner</small>

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agcapps pushed to LLNL/axom


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rrsettgast pushed to GEOS-DEV/LvArray

Merge branch ‘develop’ into yohann/host-perlmutter

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mcfadden8 pushed to LLNL/scr

Merge pull request #585 from jameshcorbett/flux-cleanup

Flux cleanup</small>

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cadaverous-lives pushed to XBraid/xbraid

Small change to suppress compiler warning

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