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BradWhitlock pushed to LLNL/conduit

Changed some Caliper timing calls.

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dylan-copeland pushed to mfem/mfem

make style

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bslazarov pushed to mfem/mfem


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nychiang pushed to LLNL/hiop


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kennyweiss pushed to LLNL/axom

Updates CZ host-configs for LLNL’s blueos platform

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tzanio pushed to mfem/mfem

Merge pull request #2980 from mfem/gmsh-pyr-dev

Add support for pyramid elements in Gmsh meshes</small>

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oseikuffuor1 pushed to hypre-space/hypre

Additional updates from master and minor code cleanup.

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victorapm pushed to hypre-space/hypre

Fix data conversion issues (#831)

This PR fixes a few compilation issues introduced in the previous PR involving the –enable-single and –enable-mixedint builds</small>

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yu-nix pushed to LLNL/sundials

fix slurm command

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JustinPrivitera pushed to LLNL/conduit

all the redundancies should be gone

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rhornung67 pushed to LLNL/RAJA

Merge branch ‘develop’ into task/doc-updates

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daboehme pushed to LLNL/Caliper

Simplify timer service control flow (#472)

  • Simplify timer service control flow

  • Use steady clock

  • Fix fortran test</small>

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xuanhuang1 pushed to Alpine-DAV/ascent

fix header

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JustinPrivitera pushed to visit-dav/visit

Merge branch ‘develop’ into task/JustinPrivitera/02_01_23/resolve_ct_tag_woes

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biagas pushed to visit-dav/visit

Consolidate logic related to config-site files.

Windows config-site now included at same location in CMakeLists.txt as other platforms. Use full-path (via CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR) when setting VISIT_CONFIG_SITE_FILE for easier testing of existence. Modified windows config-site file to use CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR instead of VISIT_SOURCE_DIR which hasn’t been set when the file is included. Remove MSVC version test, it is handled in CheckMinimumCompilerVersion.</small>

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correaa pushed to LLNL/b-mpi3

Merge branch ‘reduce_ops’ into ‘master’

Reduce ops

See merge request correaa/boost-mpi3!155</small>

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adrienbernede pushed to LLNL/RAJA

Fix variable name

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ltaylor16 pushed to LLNL/shroud

Merge pull request #303 from LLNL/generate-default-format

Use ClassNode.default_format with class instantiation</small>

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GarrettDMorrison pushed to LLNL/zfp

squash merge misc/actions-fixes into develop

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slabasan pushed to LLNL/hatchet

caliperreader: fix duplicate dataframe rows (#78)

root nids were mapping to multiple series of metrics, this merges the metrics for the same node into a single dataframe row</small>

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FrankD412 pushed to LLNL/maestrowf

Remove missed 3.7 version from matrix.

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bmhan12 pushed to LLNL/blt

Allow for whitespace-separated arguments to MPIEXEC_NUMPROC_FLAG and MPIEXEC<_EXECUTABLE></small>

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white238 pushed to LLNL/blt

Merge pull request #612 from LLNL/feature/kweiss/print-variables

Adds blt_print_variables macro</small>

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adayton1 pushed to LLNL/CARE

Use original spack concretizer

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CusiniM pushed to GEOSX/LvArray

Update tpls paths on LC for Hypre update. (#276)

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mcfadden8 pushed to LLNL/Umpire

Update copyright to 2023 (#811)

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wrtobin pushed to GEOSX/LvArray


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github-actions[bot] pushed to LLNL/Umpire

Apply style updates

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YohannDudouit pushed to GEOSX/LvArray

Add host configs for tioga.

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robinson96 pushed to LLNL/blt

fix errors

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tzanio pushed to GLVis/glvis

Merge pull request #250 from GLVis/get-face-geometry

Fix GetFaceGeometry deprecation warnings</small>

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pazner pushed to GLVis/glvis

Use snprintf instead of sprintf

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