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tldahlgren pushed to spack/spack

sz: new test API (#45363)

  • sz: new test API
  • fix typo; check installed executable; conform to subpart naming convention
  • skip tests early if not installed; remove unnecessary “_sz” from test part names

Co-authored-by: Tamara Dahlgren dahlgren1@llnl.gov</small>

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BradWhitlock pushed to LLNL/axom

code cleanup

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najlkin pushed to GLVis/glvis

Added comment to calls of GetMainThread().

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markcmiller86 pushed to visit-dav/visit

adjust as per Iulian guidance

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ManaswineeB pushed to mfem/mfem

More progress on K2

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artv3 pushed to mfem/mfem

fix transfer fem spaces

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homeomorfismo pushed to mfem/mfem

Add L2 Error (ex3p)

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vladotomov pushed to mfem/mfem


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drreynolds pushed to LLNL/sundials

Initial merge with rebased ‘develop’ branch – I’m still ironing out some issues

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maggul pushed to LLNL/sundials

some progress

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JustinPrivitera pushed to LLNL/conduit

wow i did it

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bmhan12 pushed to LLNL/axom

TODO - debug CUDA race condition with IntersectionShaper refactor

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rhornung67 pushed to LLNL/RAJA

Merge pull request #1696 from LLNL/task/rhornung67/v2024.07.0-RC

Merge RC branch to main for release</small>

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cyrush pushed to Alpine-DAV/ascent


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white238 pushed to LLNL/axom

Merge pull request #1386 from LLNL/white238/test_auto_style

Fix /style functionality</small>

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adrienbernede pushed to LLNL/SAMRAI

Update to Shared CI 2024.07.0

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benson31 pushed to LLNL/lbann

fix missing header for dump_model_graph (#2464)

fixes “invalid use of incomplete type lbann::model” when compiling with LBANN_HAS_BOOST</small>

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mergify[bot] pushed to flux-framework/flux-sched

Merge pull request #1248 from milroy/leaf-filters

Don’t add pruning filter for leaf vertices</small>

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daboehme pushed to LLNL/Caliper

Retain aliases in cali-query .cali output (#575)

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rrsettgast pushed to GEOS-DEV/LvArray

Cleanup/macros geosx xxx to geos xxx (#324)


  • GEOSX_ to GEOS_ excluding .py and .sub</small>

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bmhan12 pushed to GEOS-DEV/LvArray

Bump gcc version for C++20 warnings

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davidbeckingsale pushed to LLNL/Umpire

Add SYCL and Intel builds (#896)

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adayton1 pushed to LLNL/CARE

Update RADIUSS packages w.r.t. spack@develop-2024-07-07 (#269)

  • Update CARE package w.r.t. spack@develop-2024-07-07

  • Update radiuss-spack-configs</small>

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davidbeckingsale pushed to LLNL/CHAI

Bump radiuss-spack-configs

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pearce8 pushed to LLNL/hatchet

Allow tuple as metric_column (#139)

Co-authored-by: Michael Richard Mckinsey mckinsey@quartz1154.llnl.gov</small>

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adrienbernede pushed to LLNL/CHAI

From RSC: fmt fix and merge latest main

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adrienbernede pushed to LLNL/CARE

From RSC: apply patch to fmt@11.0.0

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CusiniM pushed to GEOS-DEV/LvArray

Update raja and chai - tpls path on LC. (#322)

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mdavis36 pushed to LLNL/CHAI

Squash warnings when building Werror or pedantic.

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waynemitchell pushed to hypre-space/hypre

row_indexes for IJMatrixGetValues (#1103)

  • Add option to pass row_indexes to the IJMatrixGetValues routines.

  • Address github comments</small>

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mcfadden8 pushed to LLNL/blt

Add missing step to tutorial

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mcfadden8 pushed to LLNL/scr

Improved error handling for flush start

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cnpetra pushed to LLNL/hiop

add new function for warmstart (#688)

  • add new function for warmstart

  • change function namel; remive pnnl ci tests

  • remove push mirror to PNNL

  • Update spack_build.yml to remove E4S cache and use newer OS (#689)

  • Update spack_build.yml to remove E4S cache and use newer OS

  • Build ^libevent~openssl

  • add back PNNL CI

Co-authored-by: Cameron Rutherford robert.rutherford@pnnl.gov</small>

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