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Package testmp (in testmp.i) - mpy simple parallel test suite

Index of documented functions or symbols:


  runs testmp2, testmp3, and testmpool

SEE ALSO: testmp1, testmp2, testmp3, testmp4, testmpool


DOCUMENT testmp1, n
  test mp_send and mp_recv between rank 0 and rank N.
  Other ranks will be inactive during this exchange.

SEE ALSO: testmp, testmp2, testmp3, testmp4, testmpool


DOCUMENT testmp2, n
  test star communication ring among all ranks. Specifically,
  every rank sends to rank+N.  N defaults to 1.
  One message of each type handled by mp_send and mp_recv is
  sent and received for each distance.

SEE ALSO: testmp1, testmp, testmp3, testmp4, testmpool


DOCUMENT testmp3
  test mp_handout and mp_handin for a variety of message types.

SEE ALSO: testmp1, testmp2, testmp, testmp4, testmpool


DOCUMENT testmp4, n
  test error recovery by causing fault on rank N, which
  defaults to mp_size-1.  N can be a small array to cause
  faults on a few ranks at once.  (If it takes more than
  one line to print N, all ranks will get syntax errors.)
  The testmp4 function has a local variable x, non-nil
  on the ranks which faulted.

SEE ALSO: testmp1, testmp2, testmp3, testmp, testmpool


DOCUMENT testmpool
  test mpool function (and mpool_test with non-nil non-zero arg).

SEE ALSO: testmp1, testmp2, testmp3, testmp, testmpool