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Package plclab (in plclab.i) - put numeric labels on contours

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DOCUMENT plc_label, z,y,x, levs, ndivs=ndivs, opaque=opaque, lmgrid=lmgrid

  call after plc,z,y,x in order to put labels on an existing contour
  plot.  If you are going to set the limits (by means of the limits
  or range functions, or zooming or panning with the mouse), do so
  before calling plc_label, since it reads the current plot limits.

  finds points where numeric contours labels can be drawn 
   z  : array to be contoured
   y: y coords of array to be contoured
   x: x coords of array to be contoured
   levs: contour levels to be labelled
   ndivs: divide domain into ndvis x ndivs subregions with label in each
   opaque: if defined, white out below label
   lmgrid: if defined, draw the subregion perimeters

   output --- none now

   authors: Phil Rasch and David Munro
   last revised: 20 July, 1996 (for 1.3 distribution)