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DOCUMENT digit2(y0,x0, y,x)
      or digit2(y0,x0, y,x,reg)

  return the index of the zone of the point or points (X0,Y0)
  in the quadrilateral mesh (X,Y) with the optional region
  array REG.  The result has the same dimensions as the input
  X0 and Y0 arrays.  The result is <=0 at points outside the mesh.

  By default, the zone index is an index into an (M-1)-by-(N-1)
  array, if X and Y are M-by-N.  However, if the keyword pt= is
  non-nil and non-zero, the return value is the index into an
  M-by-N array in which the first row and column are non-existent
  (like the optional REG array).

SEE ALSO: digitize, interp2, mesh_loc, plm


DOCUMENT z0= interp2(y0,x0, z,y,x)
      or z0= interp2(y0,x0, z,y,x,reg)

  return the bilinear interpolate of the function Z(X,Y) at the
  points (X0,Y0).  The X, Y, and optional REG arrays specify a
  quadrilateral mesh as for the plm function.  The Z values are
  specified at the vertices of this mesh, so Z must have the
  same dimensions as X and Y.

  Points outside the mesh get the value 0.0, unless the outside
  keyword is non-nil, in which case they get that value.

SEE ALSO: interp, digit2, mesh_loc, plm