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Package demo5 (in demo5.i) -

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      or demo5, i
  Run examples of use of pl3d.i, plwf.i, and slice3.i.  With
  argument I = 1, 2, or 3, run that particular demonstration.
  Read the source code to understand the details of how the
  various effects are obtained.

  demo5,1  demonstrates the various effects which can be obtained
  with the plwf (plot wire frame) function.
  demo5,2  demonstrates shading effects controlled by the light3
  demo5,3  demonstrates the slice3, slice2, and pl3tree functions,
  as well as changing the orientation of the 3D object

SEE ALSO: plwf, light3, rot3, orient3, spin3, mesh3, slice3, slice2, pl3tree, pl3surf,