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  Exhibit quadrilateral mesh plots in 3 movies of a drumhead.
  The drumhead is initially stationary, but has a bump near one
  edge.  Yorick is solving a 2D wave equation to compute the
  evolution of this bump.

  The first movie is a filled mesh plot with color "proportional"
  to the height of the surface of the drum.  A few well chosen
  contour levels (here 3) add a lot to a filled mesh plot.

  The second movie is a "3D" perspective plot of the height of the
  drumhead.  In this movie, the mesh lines are drawn, which is
  slightly confusing since the cells are not all the same shape.

  The second movie is a "3D" shaded plot of the height of the
  drumhead.  Yorick computes surface shading based on the angle
  of each cell from a light source.

  As you watch this, you might reflect on the two dimensionality
  of your retina.  What Yorick lacks by way of 3D graphics is
  really just fancy hidden surface algorithms; the simple
  painter's algorithm used here and in plwf.i is easy to

  There are two optional arguments to demo2: the first is the
  number fo the movie (1, 2, or 3) you want to watch; the second
  is a time limit on the duration of each movie in seconds (default
  is 60 seconds each).