RADIUSS AWS Tutorials: August 2022

Published: Jul 7, 2022

Learn how to use a modern HPC software stack

Join us this summer as we host a series of tutorials in collaboration with AWS, demonstrating how to use several GPU-ready projects in the cloud and on premises. Follow along on your own EC2 instance (provided). No previous experience necessary.

Download the flier (127 KB PDF) to share with your colleagues. Feel free to email us with any questions. We’ll add all registrants to the RADIUSS Slack channel.

We’re offering seven tutorials in August

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Check out the Materials links below if you missed these tutorials.

Date Time (Pacific) Deadline to sign up Project Materials
August 1–2, 2022 8:00a.m.–11:30a.m. July 25 Spack logo Learn to install your software quickly with Spack Spack docs
Spack tutorial
August 8, 2022 9:00a.m.–12:00p.m. August 5 BLT logo Build, link, and test large-scale applications with BLT BLT docs
BLT tutorial
August 10, 2022 9:00a.m.–12:00p.m. August 8 Caliper logo Integrate performance profiling capabilities into your applications with Caliper Caliper docs
Caliper tutorial
August 15, 2022 9:00a.m.–12:00p.m. August 12 MFEM logo Use MFEM for scalable finite element discretization application development (video preview) MFEM docs
MFEM tutorial
August 17, 2022 9:00a.m.–12:00p.m. August 15 Flux logo Learn to run thousands of jobs in a workflow with Flux Flux docs
Flux tutorial
August 23, 2022 10:00a.m.–12:00p.m. August 19 Ascent logo Visualize and analysis your simulations in situ with Ascent Ascent docs
Ascent tutorial
August 25, 2022 9:00a.m.–12:00p.m. August 23 RAJA logo Use RAJA to run and port codes quickly across NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPUs RAJA docs
RAJA tutorial