What is RADIUSS?

RADIUSS focuses on three primary areas to achieve its mission: dev-ops for high-performance computing (see rse-ops); open-source community building, including software hardening, documentation, tutorials, and outreach; and integration of RADIUSS products into LLNL applications.

RADIUSS Products

RADIUSS provides a range of software products that are foundational to scientific applications, including build tools, math & physics libraries, data management and visualization, workflow tools, and portable programming and memory management libraries. See our projects here.

DevOps for HPC

Research Software Engineering is becoming increasingly more complex in terms of technology and the need for communication between teams needing to work in both high performance computing (HPC) and cloud computing environments. This challenge would be well addressed by a movement to better define concepts around DevOps for High Performance Computing, and identify best practices and tools used in this space. We have vision for “RSE-ops,” or Research Software Engineering Operations, a movement to mirror DevOps, best practices to bridge development and operations in typically cloud communities, and provide structure for better collaboration and navigation of the space.