The Silo project is maintained on GitHub. Users needing support will need a (free) GitHub account to create and comment on issues and discussions and to watch for new releases.

The Watch button on the main Silo repository provides controls to opt in or out of various kinds of notifications including to just watch for releases Watch->Custom->Only releases. Alternatively, if all you will ever care about is Silo release announcements and you do not want to get a GitHub account for that, you can subscribe to the silo-announce email list. Be sure to add your name on the same line immediately after subscribe silo-announce in the body of the email before sending it.

A GitHub Q&A Discussion is the preferred way to get help because it is likely to be seen by more people who can provide a timely response and because others who may encounter similar issues can benefit from any response(s) we produce.

For LLNL users who have matters requiring special handling, please follow the same procedure as for VisIt and use the unpublished VisIt email list.

In general, coverage is during normal West Coast business hours, 8am-12pm and 1-5pm (GMT-8, San Francisco time zone), Monday through Friday excluding LLNL holidays. Response time may be as much as four hours due to team member’s multi-tasking among many responsibilities.