spack Python

A flexible package manager designed to support multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers.

129 144

ior C

Parallel filesystem I/O benchmark

44 60

magpie Shell

Magpie contains a number of scripts for running Big Data software in HPC environments, including Hadoop, Spark, Hbase, and other packages. It currently supports running over the parallel file system Lustre and running over any generic network filesytem. There is scheduler/resource manager support for Slurm, Moab, Torque. and LSF.

21 52

lmt C

Lustre Monitoring Tools

19 33

lustre C

Some of LLNL's Lustre

12 27


RAJA Performance Portability Layer

12 19

Caliper C++

Caliper is a flexible application introspection system

4 19


STAT - the Stack Trace Analysis Tool

7 16

scr C

SCR caches checkpoint data in storage on the compute nodes of a Linux cluster to provide a fast, scalable checkpoint / restart capability for MPI codes.

5 14

conduit C++

Simplified Data Exchange for HPC Simulations

5 13

hypre C

Parallel solvers for sparse linear systems featuring multigrid methods. This repository houses releases and test releases. Pull requests can still be addressed. LLNL users should use the main repository on MyStash.

8 13


Library for compressed numerical arrays that support high throughput read and write random access

3 12

cram Python

Tool to run many small MPI jobs inside of one large MPI job.

2 12

ravel C++

Ravel MPI trace visualization tool

3 10

msr-safe C

Allows safer access to model specific registers (MSRs)

6 9

Mitos C++

Memory Sampling Tool using Linux perf_events

1 8

wrap Python

MPI wrapper generator, for writing PMPI tool libraries

11 8

lustre-tools-llnl Python

Some lustre-related scripts and utilities in use at LLNL.

5 7

MemAxes C++

Interactive Visualization of Memory Access Samples

0 7

muster C++

Massively Scalable Clustering

5 7

rhizome Clojure

1 6

libmsr C

Wrapper library for model-specific registers. APIs cover RAPL, performance counters, clocks and turbo.

5 6

cruise C

User space POSIX-like file system in main memory

3 6

DragonView JavaScript

Visual Analytics Tool for Dragonfly Network-based Supercomputers

1 6


A Multi-purpose, Application-Centric, Scalable I/O Proxy Application

2 6

GridDyn C++

GridDyn is an open-source power transmission simulation software package

0 5

rubik Python

Topology Aware Task Mapping Tool

3 5


Virtualization Layer for the MPI Profiling Interface

4 5

LaunchMON C++

LaunchMON is a software infrastructure that enables HPC run-time tools to co-locate tool daemons with a parallel job. Its API allows a tool to identify all the remote processes of a job and to scalably launch daemons into the relevant nodes.

7 4

AutomaDeD C

Debugging Tool based on Statistical Analysis

2 4

mfem C++

Mirror of MFEM - a lightweight, general, scalable C++ library for finite element methods. Please use the official repository,, to create issues and pull requests. See also the MFEM website:

0 4

Adagio C

A power aware runtime

1 4

DysectAPI C++

The DysectAPI allows users to install debug probes that can gather various debug data under user-specified conditions—i.e., breakpoints, evaluation points, external conditions, etc. Probes can be linked in a tree to automate debug actions that a user would manually perform using a traditional debugger.

1 3

lbann C++

Livermore Big Artificial Neural Network Toolkit

1 3

llnl-hires-timers CMake

C library containing high resolution timer implementation for several platforms.

1 3


Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Application Infrastructure

1 3

Gremlins C++

Flexible and extensible framework to emulate expected exascale architecture characteristics

1 3

perf-dump C++

Records per-process, per-timestep PAPI performance counter values. Saves them in an HDF5 file.

1 3

dtcmp C

Datatype Compare (DTCMP) Library for sorting and ranking distributed data using MPI

1 3

lwgrp Shell

The Light-weight Group Library provides methods for MPI codes to quickly create and destroy process groups

1 3

glvis C++

Mirror of GLVis - a lightweight OpenGL tool for accurate and flexible finite element visualization. Please use the official repository,, to create issues and pull requests.

0 3

FastGlobalFileStatus Shell

Fast and scalable retrieval techniques for file global properties

2 2

damselfly Objective-C

Damselfly Network Simulator

0 2

tox Java

The tox (Tomcat, Oracle, and XML) Web archive is a foundation for development of HTTP-based applications using Tomcat and an Oracle RDBMS.

0 2

CoMD-Chapel Chapel

CoMD implementation in Chapel

2 2

boxfish Python

Boxfish is a platform for visualizing performance data across the domains in which it was collected

2 2

libyogrt Shell

Your One Get Remaining Time library

3 2

ibtopo Perl

Perl scripts to process ibnetdiscover to extract network topology info

1 2

pynamic C

The Python Dynamic Benchmark

1 2


Adaptive Thresholds for Feature Extraction

1 2

graphator C

Communication Graph Generator for Parallel Programs

0 1

Jekyll-LLNL-Theme CSS

LLNL Themed Jekyll Template

0 1

iris Java

0 1

qball C

Qball is a first-principles molecular dynamics code that is used to compute the electronic structure of atoms, molecules, solids, and liquids within the Density Functional Theory (DFT) formalism. It is a branch of the Qbox code by Francois Gygi.

1 1

mpi-tools C

Tools for MPI programmers

1 1 CSS

Public home for LLNL software catalog

1 1

adept-utils C++

LLNL Utility Libraries

2 1

spark-hdf5 Scala

A plugin to enable Apache Spark to read HDF5 files

0 1

ap Perl

Absolute Path Command

0 1

graphlib C


0 1

ariesncl C

Aries Network Performance Counters Monitoring Library

0 1

GRAPE Python

Distributed Git Workflow Management Tool - The Git Replacement for the "Awesome" PARSEC Environment

0 1

bgqncl C

Blue Gene/Q Network Performance Counters Monitoring Library

0 1

flume-plugins Java

A small collection of Flume Plugins and scripts.

0 1

MacPatch CSS

0 1

MountPointAttributes Shell

Mount Point Attributes module

0 1

OMSClient Java

Tool to read network traffic data output by OpenSM Monitoring Service

0 1

mib C

1 1

nami C++

Parallel Wavelet Compression

0 1

mpileaks Shell

Tool to detect and report leaked MPI objects like MPI_Requests and MPI_Datatypes

0 1

tracer C

Trace Replay and Network Simulation Framework

0 1

callpath C

Library for representing callpaths consistently in distributed-memory performance tools.

4 1

zfs C

ZFS on Linux - the official OpenZFS implementation for Linux.

0 1

mpiP C

A light-weight MPI profiler.

0 0

Collabmaps JavaScript

An extension of the Datamaps package to show links between locations

0 0


0 0

core_stack_merge Python

A script to merge IBM BlueGene lightweight core files into STAT prefix trees

1 0

Task-Time-Tracker JavaScript

A client side web app for tracking your time

0 0

spawnnet C

Communication library for bootstrapping MPI

0 0

blockbuster C++

Automatically exported from

0 0

paraDIS_lib C

Visualization library to work with the paraDIS dislocation dynamics code

0 0

avalaunch C

Research prototype for fast launch of MPI jobs

0 0

WVL Python

0 0

pmgr_collective C

0 0


Implementation of parallel branch-and-bound algorithm for stochastic (or block-angular) mixed-integer programs

1 0

havoqgt C++

0 0

libROM C

0 0

spl C

A shim layer which adds the core interfaces required for OpenZFS.

0 0