Announcing the High Performance Software Foundation

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The High Performance Software Foundation (HPSF) is a newly formed non-profit co-founded by LLNL’s Todd Gamblin in conjunction with the Linux Foundation, which Gamblin announced before a large crowd at SC23’s Department of Energy booth. HPSF is in the early formation stages, having found support from DOE laboratories, academia, and industry, where it seeks to build, promote and advance a portable core software stack for HPC. “We’re going to leverage and extend some of the continuous integration (CI) functionality we’ve built for Spack as a core service of the HPSF. This will help not just Spack but other HPC projects,” Gamblin said. “I think ultimately this will help us mature Spack as an integration tool and allow us to make the HPC developer experience more turnkey.” Read the press release on the Linux Foundation website.