SCREAM Team Clinches Inaugural Gordon Bell Prize for Climate Modeling

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Members of the Simple Cloud Resolving E3SM Atmosphere Model (SCREAM) team, led by LLNL staff scientist Peter Caldwell and including researchers from Sandia National Laboratories and six other Department of Energy national laboratories, won the first-ever Gordon Bell Prize for Climate Modelling at SC23 in Denver. The prize—the highest honor in high performance computing for the climate modeling category—was established to recognize “innovative parallel computing contributions toward solving the global climate crisis,” according to ACM. The award will be given out annually for the next 10 years to recognize the contributions of climate scientists and software engineers in addressing climate change. “The Gordon Bell Prize has been an inspiration to DOE’s climate scientists for many years (and doubly so for this new climate award),” Caldwell said. “In that sense, Gordon Bell has accomplished his goal of pushing climate science forward.” The SCREAM code is available on GitHub.