Computational Math Community Gathers for Annual Workshop

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For the LLNL-led MFEM project, which has been open source for more than a decade, community collaboration has helped evolve this C++ software library into a robust mathematical engine for scientific simulations. MFEM, which stands for Modular Finite Element Methods, provides algorithms that break down high-order mathematical equations into discrete operations, improving a simulation’s performance while reducing its computational cost. The software is used in large-scale simulations of scientific phenomena and processes including additive manufacturing, biotechnology, design optimization, electromagnetics, fluid dynamics, nuclear energy, structural mechanics, and more. “The community is a catalyst for our annual workshops,” stated principal investigator Tzanio Kolev. “We are motivated by the challenges they face and the successes they have.”

The MFEM team recently held their annual workshop. If you missed the event, the 2023 agenda web page links to speakers’ slides. Videos of the talks are in production and will be posted soon.