R&D 100 Award Winners: zfp and Variorum

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The annual R&D 100 Awards recognize new S&T products, technologies, and materials for their technological significance that are available for sale or license. This year’s winners were announced on August 22. Congratulations to these teams:

zfp (data compression for supercomputing applications)

Variorum (vendor-agnostic power management)

LLNL has had a long history of R&D 100 Awards since the awards began in 1963. Software- and computing-related projects have been recognized in the decades since with PRUNERS, Babel, Sapphire, LLMDA, STAT, ROSE compiler, hypre, and others. Since 2019, LLNL teams have produced six open source finalists and/or winners: Spack, SCR, MFEM, Flux, Variorum, and zfp.