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Neural Networks for Equations of State March 14, 2023

With DJINN (Deep Jointly-Informed Neural Networks), researchers can model complex multiphase equation of state data and respect physics. This code accompanies the Physics of Plasmas paper “Neural network surrogate models for equations of state.” The abstract follows:

Equation of state (EOS) data provide necessary information for accurate multiphysics modeling, which is necessary for fields such as inertial confinement fusion. Here, we suggest a neural network surrogate model of energy and entropy and use thermodynamic relationships to derive other necessary thermodynamic EOS quantities. We incorporate phase information into the model by training a phase classifier and using phase-specific regression models, which improves the modal prediction accuracy. Our model predicts energy values to 1% relative error and entropy to 3.5% relative error in a log-transformed space. Although sound speed predictions require further improvement, the derived pressure values are accurate within 10% relative error. Our results suggest that neural network models can effectively model EOS for inertial confinement fusion simulation applications.