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Johannes Doerfert Wins Fellowship from Better Scientific Software Organization December 22, 2022

Johannes Doerfert was selected as one of six 2023 Better Scientific Software fellows recognizing his leadership and advocacy of high-quality scientific software. The Better Scientific Software (BSSw) community is an international group of researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders from national laboratories, academic institutions, and industry who are dedicated to curating, creating, and disseminating information that leads to improved software for the advancement of computational science and engineering (CSE) and related technical computing areas, with a particular interest in CSE on high-performance (parallel) computers. The BSSw Fellowship Program gives recognition and funding to leaders and advocates of high-quality scientific software. Each 2023 Fellow receives up to $25,000 for an activity that promotes better scientific software. Doerfert will focus his fellowship funding on improving developer productivity by demystifying the compiler black box. His plans include making short introductory videos on compiler technology with a focus on improved interaction and available tooling. The new fellows will be recognized at the 2023 Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting in January.