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OpenZFS: Improving File System Efficiency December 15, 2022

Large-scale parallel computing systems generate massive amounts of data every second, and file systems are crucial for handling data transfer at LLNL’s HPC center. Livermore Computing’s (LC’s) Scalable Storage group helps manage the hardware and software necessary to keep file systems—and therefore supercomputers—running smoothly and efficiently. One key tool in the group’s portfolio is the ZFS (Zettabyte File System) project, which controls I/O operations and optimizes storage volume capacity. In 2013, the original ZFS project and ZFS on Linux evolved into what is now known as OpenZFS, which is maintained by a global developer community that includes LC staff. The Scalable Storage group has adapted OpenZFS for the Lab’s needs, especially as new generations of Lustre-based HPC systems—including the upcoming El Capitan exascale supercomputer—are designed and installed. Read more about OpenZFS on the LLNL Computing website.