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Todd Gamblin Enables Developers October 19, 2022

As the creator of Spack, Todd Gamblin states, “Open source tools developed at LLNL enable people around the world to use HPC resources more effectively and to do better science.” In turn, these tools provide a framework for an entire community to maintain software needed by LLNL and its programs—for instance, LLNL could never maintain Spack’s thousands of software packages alone, and it benefits from the work of Spack’s enthusiastic contributors. Ultimately, he notes, “Sustaining open source communities is about finding leverage. It’s worthwhile for LLNL to put in the effort to build and maintain something like Spack if it incites a community of thousands to work together for the benefit of all.” In 2022 Gamblin was promoted to Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, LLNL’s highest technical job classification level. Read more about his recent work.