NAHOMCon22 Explores High Order Methods for PDEs

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After a few years off, the North American High Order Methods Conference (NAHOMCon) returned on July 18-19 in San Diego. NAHOMCon provides a North American forum for computational scientists, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers to share ideas and techniques on, and further the state of the art of, high order methods for the solution of partial differential equations with applications to a broad range of scientific and engineering applications. The DOE co-design Center for Efficient Exascale Discretizations (CEED) participates in this conference. CEED is a partnership between two U.S. DOE laboratories (Livermore & Argonne) and five universities in support of the Exascale Computing Project.

The NAHOMCon22 program featured several LLNL speakers, whose GitHub profiles and abstracts are linked here: