Cardioid Supports Dataset of Cardiac Simulations

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LLNL’s Data Science Institute launched the Open Data Initiative (ODI) a few years ago. The ODI shares LLNL’s rich, challenging, and unique datasets with the larger data science community. The goal is for these datasets to help support curriculum development, raise awareness around LLNL’s data science efforts, foster new collaborations, and be leveraged across other learning opportunities. The ODI currently has 13 publicly available datasets in its collection, the newest of which builds off the Cardioid open source code, which simulates the electrophysiology of the human heart. A research team has conducted a computational study to generate a dataset of cardiac simulations at high spatiotemporal resolutions. This dataset was built using real cardiac bi-ventricular geometries and clinically inspired endocardial activation patterns under different physiological and pathophysiological conditions. It consists of pairs of computationally simulated intracardiac transmembrane voltage recordings and electrocardiogram signals. Read more and download the data from the ODI web page.