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LLNL and AWS to Cooperate on Standardized HPC Software Stack May 26, 2022

LLNL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to define the role of leadership-class HPC in a future where cloud HPC is ubiquitous. Under the MOU, LLNL and AWS will explore software and hardware solutions spanning cloud and on-premises HPC environments, with the goal of establishing a common stack of open source software components that can run equally well at both large HPC centers and on cloud resources. LLNL and AWS have an existing open source collaboration involving Spack; building off that collaboration, the organizations will look to better understand how HPC centers can best utilize cloud resources to support HPC and explore models for cloud-bursting, data staging, and data migration for deploying both on-site and in the cloud. Read more about the MOU at LLNL News.