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LLNL Launches Software Development Resource Center April 10, 2022

The Lab’s software developers and engineers have accumulated a wealth of expertise by keeping LLNL operational while carrying out its national security mission. Launched in 2022, the Software Development Resource Center (SDRC) connects developers across LLNL through best practices in software tools, development methodologies, DevOps, security compliance, and more. Funded as an Institutional Scientific Capability Portfolio (ISCP) project, the SDRC serves as a focal point for software leadership, including coordinating working groups and providing technical advice to project teams. For instance, the SDRC committee plans to schedule seminars and invited talks as well as conduct workshops during this summer’s Developer Day. The SDRC also arises from Computing’s 10-year Strategic Plan, which prioritizes support for mission-driven programs through robust software engineering and maintenance. Read more about the SDRC.