Metall  v0.28
A persistent memory allocator for data-centric analytics

This is an example of how to open an already created JSON object.

#include <iostream>
int main() {
std::cout << "Open" << std::endl;
metall::manager manager(metall::open_read_only, "./test");
auto *value =
metall::json::pretty_print(std::cout, *value);
metall::manager manager(metall::open_only, "./test");
return 0;
A generalized Metall manager class.
Definition: basic_manager.hpp:40
JSON value. A container that holds a single bool, int64, uint64, double, JSON string,...
Definition: value.hpp:82
int main()
Definition: json_open.cpp:8
void pretty_print(std::ostream &os, const value< allocator_type > &json_value)
Pretty-prints a JSON value.
Definition: pretty_print.hpp:75
basic_manager<> manager
Default Metall manager class which is an alias of basic_manager with the default template parameters.
Definition: metall.hpp:34