ConfigManager API reference

Caliper provides several built-in performance measurement and reporting configurations. These can be activated from within a program with the ConfigManager API using a short configuration string. Configuration strings can be hard-coded in the program or provided by the user in some form, e.g. as a command-line parameter or in the programs’s configuration file.

To access and control the built-in configurations, create a cali::ConfigManager object. Add a configuration string with add(), start the requested configuration channels with start(), and trigger output with flush():

#include <caliper/cali-manager.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
   cali::ConfigManager mgr;

   if (argc > 1)
   if (mgr.error())
      std::cerr << "Config error: " << mgr.error_msg() << std::endl;
   // ...
   mgr.start(); // start requested performance measurement channels
   // ... (program execution)
   mgr.flush(); // write performance results

API Reference


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