Region filtering

For event-based measurement configurations like runtime-report or hatchet-region-profile, you can specify filters to limit measurements to certain regions using two ConfigManager options:


Only take measurements for regions with the given pattern.


Skip measurements for regions with the given pattern.

The options take a list of region patterns. There are three pattern types:


An exact match. For example, match(this_function) matches this_function.


Match the start of the region name, e.g. startswith(mylib_) matches any region starting with mylib_.


Match a regular expression in ECMAScript grammar. E.g., regex(.*loop.*) matches any region with loop in the name.

The default pattern is match. As an example, the following option specification measures my_function, any region starting with mylib_ or MPI_, and any region with loop in the name:



Recall a runtime report for the cxx-example program provided with Caliper:

$ CALI_CONFIG=runtime-report ./examples/apps/cxx-example
Path       Min time/rank Max time/rank Avg time/rank Time %
main            0.000096      0.000096      0.000096  4.541154
  mainloop      0.000060      0.000060      0.000060  2.838221
    foo         0.000674      0.000674      0.000674 31.882687
  init          0.000013      0.000013      0.000013  0.614948

We can use the exclude_regions option to exclude the init region from measurements:

$ CALI_CONFIG=runtime-report,exclude_regions=init ./examples/apps/cxx-example
Path       Min time/rank Max time/rank Avg time/rank Time %
main            0.000113      0.000113      0.000113  5.188246
  mainloop      0.000118      0.000118      0.000118  5.417815
    foo         0.000675      0.000675      0.000675 30.991736

We can also limit measurements to the foo region. The full path to foo still appears in the output. However, performance measurements will only be taken when entering and exiting foo:

$ CALI_CONFIG=runtime-report,include_regions=foo ./examples/apps/cxx-example
Path       Min time/rank Max time/rank Avg time/rank Time %
  mainloop      0.001390      0.001390      0.001390 66.539014
    foo         0.000699      0.000699      0.000699 33.460986

Any measurement values taken when entering foo are assigned to its enclosing region - mainloop in this case - which is why we still see measurement values for the mainloop region here. However, these do not represent the actual time spent in mainloop.

We can use a pattern like startswith(main) to include main and mainloop. Be careful to wrap the option values in quotes to prevent them from being misinterpreted by the config parser:

$ CALI_CONFIG="runtime-report,include_regions=\"startswith(main)\"" ./examples/apps/cxx-example
Path       Min time/rank Max time/rank Avg time/rank Time %
main            0.000112      0.000112      0.000112  5.177994
  mainloop      0.000773      0.000773      0.000773 35.737402